Over a period of time, catering to a wide spectrum of guests and visitors we have realised comfort is not a one word definition. It is a phenomenon. It is about warmth, association and about pleasant surprises. At The Orchard Greens, we have tried to combine the essence of comfort with specialised services. Every room is designed to the taste and reflects an emotional bonding culminating into an experience par words.

Category of Rooms :
Style statement- a romantic gesture!

Simply fall in love is written all over the place. From linen to comfortable chairs and from curtains to specially designed circle-shaped beds, every single element defines taste and care.

Traditional art on the walls, modern amenities and the soft-light feel corresponding to the thematic colour arrangement, speak about love and care. Private lawns, which can be accessed from the adjoining balcony further add to the element of surprise and mystique.

In tandem
  • CCTV with remote, all leading channels available for surfing and viewing
  • Bath-tub for space and exclusivity
  • Premium range of bathroom fittings and gadgets
  • Full connectivity-STD/ISD/Fax facility
  • 24-hr room service
  • Fully-equipped first-aid box and Doctor on call
  • Traditional "GUR" (fortune teller in local dialect) for personal sessions
  • Get-together was never explained in a better manner before. One look at our Family Suite and you will realise the syndrome called association. The big-room arrangement will give you some extra space and lot of reason to celebrate destination Manali in totality. The entire room arrangement is designed keeping in your mind the needs of your family. We promise you that Family Suite will fit in your requirement. This is one reason we call it a Family affair.
    Comfort Zone- unwind yourself ! Sit back, close your eyes and let this environment please you with comfort. Every corner is moulded in wood to provide cosy architectural patterns, which will refresh you completely. The traditional extravaganza coupled with modern facilities will soothe you to the core. The spacious bathrooms will give you that extra space, which one needs for ultimate comfort. And while you stay here you will find a reason and some liking for cocktails since these rooms are the right blend of comfort and style.
    Surprise at no extra price- The velocity of this range will promise to bring a smile on your face. A look at the arrangement, facilities, the décor and a quick comparison with tariff and you will find yourself in complete awe. Not all surprises are so pleasant in nature. While quality is written all over the place, price tag is carefully suppressed to add value. Splendid view from the balcony caters to the creative urge. And if you are surprised that tariff is surprisingly low- Don't Mind!
    The Orchard Greens The Orchard Greens